During the coronavirus crisis we are taking extra precautions to help protect patients and staff from the risk of infection. Please help us do this by following the guidance below.

Can I bring someone with me?

We are trying to restrict the number of people coming in and out of the Clinic so please come alone if you can.  We know this won’t always be possible as some people need assistance walking and others want a friend or relative in the treatment room with them.  If someone drives you to the Clinic please ask them to wait for you in the car during your appointment.

If you do bring need someone to come inside with you need to let us know their name and a contact telephone number in advance as we will need to go through our coronavirus screening and consent form with them before the appointment. We need their consent to retaining their contact details in case we need to provide this information under the Government contact tracing scheme.  They will have to sign the form on the day of the appointment.

What do I need to bring with me?

The short answer is as little as possible!  The fewer the number of items that enter the Clinic the lower the risk of infection between patients and staff.

Arriving at the Clinic

Please do not arrive early for your appointment.  We are spacing appointments so that patients do not meet each other inside the Clinic, so if you do arrive early if possible wait outside.  We recognise that this may not always be possible owing to mobility problems or the weather. The front-door will be locked, so ring the bell and wait for the receptionist or physio to open it.

On entry to the Clinic every visitor must use the hand sanitiser provided.  There is a sanitiser station in the entrance hallway and in the reception area.

We are trying to avoid people sitting in the waiting room, so if you do arrive on time don’t be surprised if your physio invites you to go directly to the treatment room.

Coronavirus Screening and Consent Form

On arrival in the Clinic for your first appointment since the pandemic began you, and anyone accompanying you, will be asked to complete and sign our Coronavirus Screening and Consent form.  If you haven’t been to the Clinic before we will also give you a copy of our Privacy Notice and ask you to sign our normal Consent form as well.  We are disinfecting the pens after each use.

On each occasion that your attend for treatment after that you will be asked to confirm that there are no changes to your coronavirus status.

Social distancing in the Clinic

As far as possible please keep 1m apart from other people at all times except when directly receiving treatment from your physio. We have reduced the number of chairs in the ground floor waiting room to two and put marker tape down on the floor as a guide.  The reception desk is now protected by perspex screens.

Will my physio be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Yes. The guidance from Public Health England (PHE) is that physios should wear surgical masks to protect you from any coughs or sneezes, a single use PVC apron and single use gloves (except for some physio and acupuncture procedures). In some circumstances such as the treatment of arm conditions where it is likely that you will be in close face to face proximity your physio may wear an eye and face shield to protect you both.

Will I have to wear a mask?

We are asking all patients to wear a face covering as this will help protect your physio if you should cough or sneeze.  You can bring your own mask or scarf which should cover your mouth and nose.  If you don’t bring one we can provide a disposable surgical mask at an additional cost of £1.

What else are we doing to reduce the risk of infection?

In between each patient the treatment room and any surfaces such as door handles, the card machine, pens, coat hooks, light switches, etc that a patient may have touched are being thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant.  Treatment couches are cleaned between each patient and covered with single use paper couch roll. Our approach to acupuncture remains as before with single use needles.  Our usual daily cleaning schedule has been increased and all clinical waste is collected and disposed of separately.

Will I be able to use the toilet facilities?

As far as possible we would ask you to not use the toilet facilities in the Clinic.  The toilet is being cleaned after every use.

How can I pay for my treatment?

To reduce the risk of infection we are no longer taking cash or cheque payments.  We take all major credit and debit cards. The contactless limit has been raised to £45 which means that most transactions should be contactless.  We are disinfecting the machine between each payment to be on the safe side.  Please keep well back from the reception screens except when making the actual payment.

To cover the additional costs due to the coronavirus we have raised our prices for face-to-face appointments to £45 for an initial assessment and £40 for any subsequent treatment sessions.