Kinesio Taping


Kinesio tape complements other treatments by providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion, facilitating the natural healing process and helping reduce pain and inflammation. Many of our patients suffering from sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golf elbow, repetitive strain injuries, back, knee and shoulder conditions have found taping helpful.

Many professional athletes use kinesio taping to prevent injury or to recover from injuries quicker

Kinesio tape is similar in thickness and elasticity to human skin and doesn’t bind or restrict movement in any way. It can be applied repeatedly without causing skin irritation. It is porous and is both water resistant and quick drying.

Kinesio tape can be worn in the shower and will remain effective for three to five days. The cost of the tape is included in our appointment fee.  Retaping between appointments costs £15.

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